Updated Monday July 17, 2017 by Crofton Athletic Council.


REGISTRATION FOR THE FALL 2017 SEASON IS NOW OPEN!!!  DO NOT WAIT to register your child to play as the teams fill VERY QUICKLY! 

REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE ON August 20, 2017 at midnight.

WE NEED COACHES!   Please indicate on your registration if you are willing head or assistant coach a team and the age group you prefer.  Practices are

Practice Schedules

Practices are twice per week for an hour each.  Practices are typically held at either Nantucket Elementary or Crofton Elementary schools.  Due to the later start of the school year practices will begin BEFORE school starts!  Available practice start dates will depend on feedback pending on County permits for the space.  More information will be posted once information is received.  (Please have patience, this is a strange year!)

Game Schedules

Game schedules are determined by the County and can be found on the County website once published.  I will send a link to all registrant parents once it is available.  Games are scheduled to begin the weekend of September 10th and are typically on Sundays. 

IF you have two children playing on two different age levels - it is quite likely that their game schedules WILL cross - either by time, location, or both. This CAN NOT be avoided, please plan accordingly.

League Description

CAC Volleyball is dedicated to teaching volleyball to both boys and girls, ages 8 to 14, in Crofton, MD.  Crofton Volleyball begins by focusing on basic skills including bumping, passing, and underhand serving.  Once players have successfully demonstrated basic skills, we move on to more advanced skills including setting, hitting, tipping, blocking, and overhand serving. The ultimate goal is to be ready for high school level play when entering 9th grade.

There are three (3) age-based groups including 14U, 12U, and 10U. The player's age as of Sept. 1 of the current year determines the age-group he or she is permitted to play. Requests for playing up to an older age group are considered on a case-by-case basis and are NOT guaranteed. In no case is a child permitted to play down to a younger age group.

Uniforms and Annual Meet & Greet

Uniform shirts are provided as part of the registration fee for all players.  Fittings are scheduled during the Meet & Greet session held for all parents, players and coaches.  The Meet & Greet will be held during the evening PRIOR TO the first day of school (the date is TBD).  This event allows the parents and players to meet their coaches, learn the rules of the program and complete any paperwork required by the County. During the fitting the players can choose their jersey number and what name they would like included on their jersey (numbers are first come/first serve, names are first names or nick names preferred by the player).

Parents Corner

We will attempt to inform, advise, sometimes entertain, and provide you with links to items of interest on the web, and perhaps find you discounts on products, etc. In general, we will attempt to share information important to you. The Crofton Athletic Council considers our relationship with the parent members of the council the most important link to providing the best possible youth sports experience for our children.  We have created the Parents Corner on our website and sincerely hope that it becomes a very important stop for you on our web site (www.croftonsports.com). 

We need volunteers!!!  We need volunteers to help with the following:

-          Coaching the teams

-          End of season party!

Please contact our Commissioner, Jodi Reedy, at volleyball@croftonsports.com if you have interest in coaching or any of the other items listed.  We thank you for your continued amazing support of our volleyball program!!